Evisnic Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Connected

Size Guide
Vacuum Cleaner Specs
  • Diameter: 340mm
  • Height: 95mm
  • Net weight: 2.8kg
  • Charging time: About 3-5 hours
  • Cleaning time: About 90min
  • Charging mode:Auto charging/Manual charging
  • Main body button type: Touch(LED Display)
  • Battery Capacity: LI-ION 2000mAh
  • Working noise:≤60Db 

Product Components:
Robot Cleaner x 1, Charging Home Base x 1, Remote control x 1(w/o battery), Side brush x 2, Cleaning tool x 1, AC adaper (EAD 248RV) x1, Water tank/mop x1, User Manual x 1 

1.Please remove water tanks and mops when you cleaning hairy carpets, to decrease the possibility of stuck. 
2.Please assemble two pieces of AAA batteries before use remote control.
3.When the machine is charged for the first time, it shall be charged for 12h above.
4.This water tank assembly only applies to some models. The specific instructions on the packing list shall prevail.
Plug Type
  • Clean and schedule with Smart Phone App, Android & Apple.
  • Smart 4 cleaning mode, damp sweeping and dry sweeping, for a variety of carpet, wooden fllors, hard floors and tiles etc.
  • Powerful suction, High-Capacity LI-ION Battery for picking up hairs, debris, pets’ hair and dirt easily.
  • Friendly low-profile design to clean under beds, table, sofa where hard-to-reach.
  • Self-charging, programmable schedule, smart sensors for anti-bump, avoid dropping.
  • Free shipping. 3-5 business days to arrive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Time Saver!

This robot is amazing. Initially I was concerned about coverage, I wasn't sure if it will cover the entire apartment. But handling a 1200 sqft area isn't an issue for it at all.

It does a great job in cleaning corners and getting under the furniture to grab all the dirt. I had to empty it every day for first 4-5 days and now I only empty it once a week.

Worth the money

This is probably the Best Buy in vacuums:

Love my Vac!

I’ve had this over two months now and just love it. I thought I was having problems at one point because it would just stop in the middle of the floor and beep. I found that it actually needed the main beater bar removed and the dog hair cleaned out of that after each use. Now I have no problems! Keeps up well with a long haired dog on wood floors and rugs!

Time saving!

This little machine is very powerful and saves me so much time. I have such a floor area and didn't want to spend all day sweeping. It really does the job.