Evisnic Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

Keep Food Fresh More Lasting

Save time, money and space Vacuum sealers provide convenient, economical food storage solutions. Don't worry about it rot or deteriorate, because you can use a vacuum food sealer to preserve fresh ingredients until you are ready to use them. These vacuum packs are ideal for storing food because they protect your food from burns in the refrigerator. This way you can store your food without affecting the taste and texture of the food.

Safety system and quality assurance: ABS material that is durable and easy to clean, the thermal protection function is designed with safety.
Rated power: 50W
Voltage:110V - 220V
Vacuum degree: 430mmhg
Product color : Orange

1. This vacuum sealer is only suitable for solid objects and cannot be used in vacuum liquid, oil and water powder products.
2. The dried food is vacuum sealed leaving at least 5 cm of space between the contents of the bag and the top of the bag.

How to Use:
1. Open the sealer.
2. Place the package in the black seal.
3. Close the sealer.
4. Turn on the switch.
5. The green light is pumping, and the red light is sealing. Waiting for a moment to complete the vacuum seal.
6. Open the black circle vent at the top and release air air. Open the sealing machine and take out the sealed product.

Care and Maintenance:
1. You should probably clean the vacuum sealer after each use to avoid bacteria.
2.For proper storage, please close the lid slightly, do not lock, otherwise it may deform the gasket and affect the vacuum function.